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ISIS crimes between doctrinal theorization

ISIS crimes between doctrinal theorization and the rhetoric of savagery: a balancing study
Submitted to the second scientific conference
(Education issues and challenges in light of the accelerating knowledge and technology developments)
a . M . Dr. Kawakib Baqir Ahmad Al-Fadhli College of Education – University of Kufa
Research Summary
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may God’s prayers be upon the noblest of creation and messengers, and on the family of the kind, clean, and companions. And after …..
Iraq and Syria lived through a major crisis of brutality that shook the entity of Islamic thought and legislation, as it was at the hands of those who called for Islamic affiliation and they represented it and established its borders, and this matter is extremely important that calls for doubt and repudiation of these calls by serious research to know the truth about the belonging of these barbaric groups to humanity, because we do not hear about A creature killed and represented by its gender, as did this stray group.
The research relied on a balanced analytical method for the purpose of comparison between what is of Islamic criminal jurisprudence and what is far from it except in terms of image and claim.
The research came on the introduction, then three demands, namely:
The first requirement: the jurisprudence reference to the types of sanctions when ISIS
The second requirement: the position of Islamic jurisprudence on ISIS sanctions
The third requirement: How to implement the sanctions between the legislation and the letter of brutality
The research reached a set of results confirming that there is no relationship between what ISIS claims and what the Islamic system represents in the jurisprudence of crimes and penalties, but rather it represents the owners who want to control the sword and whip, and the brutality that exceeded all stages of violence.
The most important recommendations emphasized the deliberation of the whole world from Muslims first from not being deceived and being dragged behind these misguided groups, and to the whole world from looking at the foundations, origins and development of these movements and the purpose for which they came and who represents it and who benefits from its existence.
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the noblest of creation and messengers, and on the good and pure family
And after … the research starts from the fact that the Islamic Ummah is living in a crisis that has shaken its rules from the beginning, which is the crisis of atonement, which was invented by a few working in the name of religion but it is beyond it, and this becomes a must to study this danger and know its references and is it really as it claims it, so the thought will not be defeated except With thought, weapon is not enough to achieve victory.
The importance of the study comes from the fact that ISIS is now a real danger not only to Islam, but also to the world, because the purpose for which ISIS was intended is to kill all religions, and this is evidence of their bombing of most centers of science and worship in the Middle East, and because the thought that ISIS is based on It is misrepresentation, correction, and utterance in God’s religion without truth and knowledge, their morals of atonement and their nature of detonation and displacement; we conclude that no religion has any relationship with these movements deviated from humanity before religion.
The most important aim of the research is to shed light on the reality of ISIS and to reveal the claims of this organization, intellectually and practically, by following the analytical approach comparing the criminal doctrinal theory of ISIS crimes and presenting it in return for Islamic criminal jurisprudence, to reach the truth of the letter of brutality adopted by ISIS, particularly its actions. The latter in Syria and Mosul as a model for study.
The research will present its findings and recommendations, hoping for success and payment.
The first requirement: the jurisprudence reference to the types of sanctions when ISIS
The ISIS regime has been trying to deceive the simple people that they represent Islam, because they apply the provisions of Islamic Sharia with appearances and images, especially in the criminal system (penalties), as they were punished with so-called establishment of Islamic legal boundaries, as well as they impose the veil on women and close shops during prayer, And their flags worked on publishing pictures and films to apply the borders to some men and women who committed crimes of adultery and drinking alcohol.
And ISIS has exploited a claim that it applies Islamic law only in terms of limits and interpretations. ISIS has deceived the Muslim youth who are looking to establish God’s religion on the ground and arbitration of God’s law in real life, relying on spreading religious enthusiasm and fanning emotions, so ISIS legislators deliberately ignored the borders are only a means One of the means of social control that should be preceded by the proper preparation of the blame by spreading the Islamic idea in order to affect all situations and dye it with the nature of Islam. [1] In the documentation of organization, there is a great attribution to jurisprudence, but the decisive factor in this is interest and benefit, as the organization can attribute to any reference that supports its views without regard to the methodological consistency, as the organization adopts a predatory Wahhabi approach. [2] On the other hand, the organization disrupted the application of penal provisions to many criminals and bandits by simply swapping allegiance to the organization, as it has been proven that quite a few criminals have joined the state organization in order to protect themselves from holding the Sharia courts accountable. The organization has provided them with protection in exchange for pledging allegiance. These people are once again using the same methods and deeds in the name of religion and Sharia. [3] In its sanctions, ISIS relied on the penalties mentioned in Islamic criminal jurisprudence, namely:
1- Cutting: ISIS cuts hands in the penalties it presents as stealing money, and sometimes even at that time, and this provision in itself is found in the Islamic Penal System in border penalties, which is the limit of theft:
And they infer that:
A – The Almighty said: “And the thief and the thief cut their hands off with regard to what they have won from God and God is dear and wise.” (Surah 38).
B- That Muhammad had cut the hands of men and women, and so did the Companions. [4] 2- The limit of flogging and stoning in adultery: ISIS applies the legal limits in public squares, including this limit, and this is one of the penalties that came in the Islamic punishment system adopted by the legitimate ruler or judge in the limits and Altzirat.

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