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The Scientific Symposium

Participation of two Professors from the Faculty of Education in the Scientific Symposium held at the University of Karbala
Faculty of Education / Media Section
Both the teaching professors Dr. Nidal al-Abadi from the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Amal al-Husseini from the Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education at the Faculty of Education University of Kufa have participated in the scientific symposium held at the University Karbala / College of Education for Pure Sciences.
Al-Abadi said that the symposium was held under the title (Teaching the Memorizing and reading the Qur’an for the deaf and dumb), adding that the participation included giving a lecture on how to teach the Holy Quran and the ways of memorizing it to a class of deaf and dumb.
It is worth mentioning that al-Abadi has implemented a special project for the deaf and dumb, with the aim of teaching the deaf and dumb to recite, understand and learn the Holy Quran.

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