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The International Conference

University of Kufa Participates in the International Conference for Humanities and Social Sciences in Beirut
Faculty of Education/ Media section…. The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has participated in the First International Conference for Humanities and Social Sciences held by the Lebanese University in Beirut. The conference is entitled (Cognitive Readings in the Humanities and Social Sciences).
The participation was with two research papers, one of which was by Dr. Amal al-Husseini which is entitled (Chosen Women in the Quranic text). The research dealt with aspects of the lives of four women of divine selection: Asia daughter of Muzahim, Maryam daughter of Imran (Mary; mother of Christ), Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid, and Fatima Al-Zahra (PBUH).
The other research paper was by Dr. Ethar al-Mayahi which is about the effectiveness of Learning By Contract LBC strategy in developing productive thinking and the ability to make decisions among students.
It is worth mentioning that the conference had discussed (345) scientific researches from 14 countries.

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