Shrine Honors

The Secretariat General of  Shrine Honors Dr. Ali Khudair Haji
Faculty of Education/ Media section…. The secretariat general of Imam Husain holy shrine honored Dr. Ali Khudair Haji dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa for his participation in the attendance of the opening of the second annual international scientific conference at the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein which entitled (al-sayid Abdul-Razzaq al-Musawi al-Muqarim – His Bibliography and Scientific Implications), which was held by the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs / Center for the Revival of Cultural and Religious Heritage of the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein in cooperation with the College of Islamic sciences at the University of Karbala.
In the conference, the encyclopedia of al Sayid al Muqarim handwritten works (God have mercy on him) was unveiled.
It is worth mentioning that the conference was held on the anniversary of the scholar’s death and was attended by academic, religious, intellectual and official persons.

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