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New Book Release

A New Book Entitled “A Reading in Imam Hussain’s Revolution” (A study in Its Aims and Results) has been Released from the Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education / Media section …
Dr. Amal Suhail Alhusseini has released a new book entitled “A Reading in Imam Hussain’s Revolution” (A study in Its Aims and Results). The book discusses reasons and results of Imam Hussain’s revolution and its moral lessons for people. Besides its relationship to other proceeding revolutions that supported and defended oppressed people.
          The book explained Imam Hussain’s efforts to achieve a heavenly goal; that is to guide people to the true Islam after Islam has been misled by Muawiya and his son Yazid. In addition to uncover the evil deeds of Umwai people.
          It’s also worth mentioning that Dr. Alhusseini has participated in many scientific conferences in Iran and Turkey and has published around 40 research papers in  Iraqi, Arabic and universal journals.

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