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Quran Sciences Department at the Faculty of Education Has Held a Meeting to Discuss Preparations for the New Academic Year 2019\2020
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Quran Sciences department at the faculty of Education has held a meeting to discuss preparations for the new academic year 2019\2020. The meeting discussed tasks of teaching staff members; including their resumes, guidance hours, memberships of committees, samples of test papers with answers etc.
        The meeting also touched on reassembling of scientific, quality and guidance committees as well as examination, verification, absentees’ and reception committees. It also discussed assigning supervisors for students’ graduation projects, conducting guidance and orientation campaigns that focus on the relationship between students and professors.
 In addition to that, the meeting discussed ways to eliminate electronic cheating and urging staff members to check their emails and update their websites regularly. Besides planning for guidance workshops and symposiums for the first course of this year.

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