Fobia exam

Fobia exam
Under the slogan (Your readiness for the exam. Your way to success)
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
University of Kufa
Faculty of Education
Teaching: Dr. Eithar Abdul Mohsen Al Mayahi
Curricula and methods of teaching science
Instructions to overcome the fear of exams and how to prepare psychologically, mentally and healthily
And apply structured reading to perform the best answer)
• The concept of the exam.
• The concept of exam anxiety.
• symptoms of anxiety exam (psychological symptoms, physical symptoms,
Behavioral symptoms)
• Strategies for dealing with exam anxiety and getting rid of it.
• Appropriate methods of good reading.
• Organization of time and how to read that lead to better performance.
• Important tips.
an introduction
• The exams in general and the final exams in particular are difficult periods for the student, whether from the study – educational or psychologically, the student is undoubtedly looking for success and excellence and this may make him feel awe of the exam.
1. Fear of exams or exam anxiety is normal and is observed in each exam period.
2. Exam anxiety can be dealt with positively and alleviate its symptoms and employ it in a way that leads to success.
Of course, this does not deny the existence of a few cases that may require a little attention and attention from education and attention. Some would also like
Few cases may require psychotherapeutic intervention.
Exam anxiety is defined as:
Emotional psychological state (i.e. it is normal and not satisfactory) occurs before and during the exams, accompanied by serious and psychological symptoms of tension, stimulation, irritability and preoccupation with negative thoughts, which sometimes reduces the concentration required to study and prepare for the exam and may give results.
Symptoms of anxiety exam
• Psychological symptoms:
• * Tension, fear and discomfort and anxiety. Negative thoughts of failure and lack of success, and the speed of excitement
And predominance.
* Lack of concentration due to rapid negative thoughts, which affects the memory and there are complaining about the rigidity of the mind and stop thinking, causing excessive anxiety.
Loss of appetite and sleep disturbance
Physical symptoms
Accelerated heartbeat, dry throat, rapid breathing, increased sweating, trembling and cold limbs, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting which is more noticeable in students, frequent urination
Sometimes diarrhea.
These physical symptoms are normal physiological symptoms
Resulting from an increase in the autonomic nervous system and an increase
• Adrenaline level in the blood.
Behavioral symptoms
These behaviors reduce the level of anxiety such as not to go to college or attend lectures
Absence of the exam or preoccupation.
To note
The global disease since the student is the saying:
Then read a book I feel sleepy
Speech is true: the desire to sleep while studying and all of us
We experience them:
• Tony Buzan, known as the memory professor and the group, recommends researching and explaining why
• What makes you sleepy is laziness
Safe lobe of the brain responsible for music, images, fantasies, colors, sizes, dimensions, daydreams, etc.)
• This is your traditional method of study is the specialty of the left lobe responsible for (language, logic,
Numbers, analysis, contexts, sequence) and the safe lobe will feel sleepy and
Do not feel sleepy when you watch TV, video, games and pic ????
The solution is ……..
• Use colors when studying
• Use color cards, symbols, images, abstracts, geometric shapes, illustrations
To make the right lobe of your brain participate in the process.
• The use of the mental map Mind Map is an octopus-like form in which you write the title of the topic in the center of the page and blanks for the rest of the subject areas such as the definition, importance, characteristics, types … etc.
• First: the psychological preparation for the exam
Chinese saying goes
The longest journey begins with a step
Do not look in front of our feet, see far and high until we draw the contours of our future and take a steady pace.
• Trust in God and faithful intent:
• Let your intention in seeking knowledge, may Allah be pleased, – for every man what he intended – and seek the help of God before, during and after that effort to succeed to derive his help and bring to reconcile, and hopes the words of the poet:
• If there is no help from God for the boy, the first thing that earns his diligence
• trust yourself:
Psychologists and sociologists agree that success is a hand-made industry, making one’s own success; discovering his or her own abilities and energies with the help of others, employing, refining and upgrading them for the better.

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