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Ways to strengthen student learning

Ways to strengthen student learning (reinforcement and feedback)
Abbas Noah Suleiman Al-Musawi Professor of Educational Psychology
Ways to strengthen student learning (reinforcement and feedback) Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH) said that if your hand is short of reward, your tongue will thank Reinforcement. Behavior in later times. Feed Back Feedback learner results of his past performance or by observing the learner of the results of his learning or performance increases the frequency or reluctance to work out. Increase the probability of the right response and try to block or prevent the possibility of the wrong response in the learning or subsequent performance. Types of feedback 1 – internal feedback – external 2 – positive feedback – negative 3 – concomitant feedback – final 4 – advanced feedback (immediate) – 5 – Written feedback – verbal Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) said that faith ten degrees in the status of peace ascends from the elevated after another do not tell the owner of the two to the owner: not on anything until the tenth, do not fall who is If you see someone who is down from you to the point where you raise it gently and do not endure what is unbearable Vtksrh, the breaking of a believer is forced Jabra) Consider this wisdom and then between the importance of reinforcement and feedback in the educational process and education
ترجمات result
result, outcome, consequence, score, conclusion, effect
fruit, result, product, child, effect, upshot
outcome, result
result, perform, bring, conduct, fulfill, give rise to
produce, output, result, make, create, generate
نشأ عن
قاد الى
connect, link, come, arrive, reach, hook up
حقق نتائج طيبة
تعريفات result
a consequence, effect, or outcome of something.
the tower collapsed as a result of safety violations
consequence outcome product upshot sequel effect reaction repercussion ramification conclusion culmination verdict decision outcome conclusion judgment findings ruling
occur or follow as the consequence of something.
government unpopularity resulting from the state of the economy
follow from ensue from develop from stem from spring from arise from derive from evolve from proceed from occur from happen from take place from come about from be caused by be brought about by be produced by originate in be consequent on end in culminate in finish in terminate in lead to prompt precipitate trigger cause bring about occasion effect give rise to produce engender generate beget

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