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A scientific research

Faculty of Education / University of Kufa Published a scientific research study at the University of Kufa entitled (Comparative study of methods of arrangement in blurred transport data) In the blurry transport data), the research dealt with optimization in solving blurry transport problems and comparing the equations of conversion from the blurry formula and assigning a conversion equation that leads to optimal distribution formula and less cost. Al-Zahbawi said that the research presents the disadvantages of traditional road solutions Yeh, as well as introducing a comparison between the results that emerged after the use of a different order for the conversion of the Gaussian model formats to confirmed data model.
Sami Kadhem kareem Al thabhawi
Department of Mathematics, College of Education, University of Kufa, Kufa, Iraq
     There are several methods that are used to solve the traditional transportation problems whose units of supply, demand quantities, and cost transportation are known exactly. These methods obtain basic solution, and develop it to the best solution through a series of consecutive calculations to obtain the optimal solution. The steps are more complex with fuzzy variables, so this paper presents the disadvantages of solutions of the traditional ways with existence of variables in the fuzzy form.
     This paper also presents a comparison between the results that emerged after using different conversion ranking formulas to convert from fuzzy form to crisp form on the same numerical example with a full fuzzy form. The problem has been then converted into a linear programming model, and the BIG-M method to be later used to find the optimal solution that represents the number of units transferred from processing or supply centers to a number of demand centers based on the known cost of transportation.
Achieving the goal of the problem is by finding the lowest total transportation cost, while the comparison is based on that value. The results are presented in a comprehensive table that organizes data and results in a way that facilitates quick and accurate comparison. An amendment to one of the order formats was suggested, because it has different results compared to other formulas. One of the ranking equations is modified, because it has different results compared to other methods..
Keywords: Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers, Fuzzy Transportation Problems, Ranking Function, Linear Programming Model.

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