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Important Concepts for Leading Women

Important Concepts for Leading Women
Dr. Nema Abd El Samad El Asadi
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The concept of leadership and management. – Successful models for women leaders. – Obstacles of women’s leadership. n Leadership: The process of organizing different businesses for individuals by planning, coordinating, directing and monitoring their efforts to achieve specific goals. n Leadership: A specialized activity practiced by a person to influence others in order to achieve a goal they wish to achieve. – Management – Planning – Organizing – Steering – Monitoring – Coordination – Communication – Decision – Making – Decision – making – Choosing the most suitable alternative to solve a particular problem. Decision making: n (the focus of the administrative process) n Decision-making steps: n Identification of the problem n. Collection and analysis of information n Development of proposed alternatives for solution n Assessment of alternatives to solution n Choice of the best solution n Implementation of the decision and follow-up of its implementation n Good decision criteria: In solving the problem. N Applicability in the field of economic application It does not require any other problems. Some characteristics of the leader: n The leader is the individual who has a self-internal readiness, and the knowledge to lead the group members, to achieve the desired goals. The leader is the heart of the team, setting the vision and defining the strategies, and then assigning the appropriate individuals to achieve that vision. The leader is the individual who has by nature the qualifications of leadership and especially the Chrisma. The leader is the decision maker who sets the action plan. n Leader is a person who has the appropriate features and characteristics to influence staff, to create a team. The leader is the person who has a vision, and is able to push the personnel working to achieve that vision. The difference between women and men in terms of leadership style: n The most important obstacles to women in leadership tendency and emotional orientation in behaviors, unlike the rational behavior of men. n There are no differences between women and men regarding leadership styles, as long as the leadership skills and abilities of the individual are available. Women are more organized, organized and rigorous in achieving goals. Women are more cautious in driving but men are bolder in decision making. n The difference between men and women in terms of leadership can not be attributed to individual differences but can be attributed to organizational differences. Women do not confer all powers and power granted to men. Women are more likely to create more successful human relationships than men within the organization. Women are more capable than men of dealing with change and heterogeneity because of their flexible style of leadership. n The social-cultural mode prepares the man for the data of leadership, such as the communication network, which allows him to express himself in all forms that are acceptable. As for women, their expressions of their own self and behavior are more limited than men. – Women are not suitable for negotiations, they reveal their position quickly and satisfied quickly. – Women are inconclusive when making a decision and do not keep the secret. – Women do not work hard and can not work long hours. – Women do not have enough packages to deal with the owners of problems – Women do not have sufficient self-confidence – Women do not know how to manage men. – Women’s perceptions of women leaders – women leaders do not take into account the conditions of women – Leading women are treated as human beings while men treat them as machines – Leading women are not able to function as men – Leading women are volatile mood – Leading women fear for their position so much that does not help any woman is possible to threaten her position. The leadership is proud of the women working with them when they reach the leadership – Finally there is a saying that: (Avoid ridicule of those who work with you at all)

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