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Psychological guidance and guidance of the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib

Psychological guidance and guidance of the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib
Professor Abbas Noah Suleiman al-Musawi Professor of Educational Psychology Faculty of Education / University of Kufa abbasn.sulaiman @ uokufa.edu.iqhttp: //www.edu.kufauniv.com/t/abaas.nhttp: // edu- – Introduction to the guiding ethic. – Interacts with the guidance curriculum of Imam Ali bin Abi. (U) – Urges the practice of guidance programs in Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (u) – Encourages the conduct of studies on psychological guidance and educational guidance in Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (u) .- Works to establish a conference on psychological guidance and educational guidance in the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (u) Any word or phrase pronounced by the Imam is a concept or a guiding principle or theory in all areas of life, It is the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (u) {and Zada ​​Basta in science and body} Cow 247 {And everything is counted in the Imam is clear} Y 12 { God wants to go away In the psychological sense, we mention here only the cognitive processes and the processing of information, since they do not possess a store of knowledge of concepts and images of the abomination, but more than that they do not receive in their senses any exciting abomination, even the nerves conveying of the Mthatrathm pure Tahta, A witness to this position of the Imam of Omar bin Asi in the Battle of Safin. What does the process of guidance on the Imam Ali • Imam Ali peace be upon him is the justice of the Koran, which is the interpretation, is the Koran, Who are touched only by the purifiers, and we find in the Holy Quran says Almighty U: {Call to the way of your Lord wisdom and good exhortation and argued with them that is better that your Lord is better informed of those who lost his path is known to the Mahtdin) bees 125 • So the process of guidance at Imam u: Based on wisdom in order to guide the guides to the path of peace and survival and move away from the ways of life is incorrect, and to make the right qualities and the performance of correct behaviors through dialogue with the mentors and good preachers What is the consensus on Imam Ali? The relationship between the good and the good person includes: • The Creator • The community • The environment • The self (physical / psychological) The goals Achievement of mental health: – mental health – ability to agree (psychological, social, educational, academic) – the ability to solve problems – self-realization. Self-sufficiency of mental contradictions, and its success in addressing social and physical problems that affect its emotional balance (Al-Musawi, 2014: 273) • Do not hate anyone who is wrong in your right • Never worry no matter what your concerns. Expecting good, however great the affliction. • Give a lot, even if it is forbidden. • Smile even if the heart is dripping with blood. • Psychological and social compatibility – social and educational consensus. If the unclean is estimated to be obscene, and if he promises to leave. Beware of the deity if he honors him, and if he is submissive, and the foolish if raised .. – I agree that the self-free slave to his slaves is better than to be a slave to his desires. And whoever obeys his desires is astray … He who has not dreamed of remorse, of the patience of sheep, of the fear of a womb, of those who take it, and of those who see it. Yes • The human right to guidance: • The other is either your brother in religion or peer to you in the khulqm Guidance method: – Instructional therapy • ((Blessed is the one who has good with people and created for them help and corrected them evil) • ((I work for you as if you never live) And I will work for the rest of you as if you die tomorrow)) (((a little bit of it is better than a lot of boredom)) • ((people sleep when they are awake)) • (What has hurt someone but appeared in the slip of his tongue and pages of his face, Under his tongue)) • Duaa Kamil ((I have come to you, O my God, after my shortness and supervision of myself, apologizing for the loss of a broken and seeking forgiveness from the headquarters of our conscientious objector)). The Imam (u) presents in this section of the supplication a psychological and educational guidance program within the self-guided steps of modifying the wrong behavior (shortening or extravagance) in harmony with the psychological state experienced by the motivated guide in eliminating the abusive behavior and insisting on correct performance. : – We can trace the stages or steps of the guidance work and accept the guidance of the advice and work through the description of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (u) of Islam, saying u: “Ancen Islam is not attributed to anyone before me ((Islam is delivery, , The certainty is the ratification, the ratification is the premise The guide has to accept the guide to feel safe and secure. – Uncertainty: Understanding and understanding the importance of the guiding process, and self-understanding And understanding reality – Ratification: Acceptance of the new understanding of self and reality. – Recognition: By demonstrating the correct procedures for performance and insistence on the commitment to practice.- Performance: Conducting the practice of correct behavior • Also find that Imam u sets rules and principles for the guide

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