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Managing the personal appearance

Managing the personal appearance of the university student. Farah al-Fadhli Objective: u To become a student able to manage his or her personal appearance by employing the skills of art of etiquette, body language, and self-development. These are some of the rules that help you: u1 – accept yourself as you accept your look and style but always try to develop it , And respect the body which contains your spirit by not hurting him or doing anything that you suspect u have to accept the lessons of life u The mistakes are a way to know the truth and not to go back to error again u The lessons of life do not end, do not think you know everything or you will know everything. At some point in your life, be sure to learn from the school of life You do not have to focus your attention on what you have, love and enjoy it and be aware of your place and place in life, and the land that God divided you to be the happiest people, although ambition is legitimate and desirable. If you treat them affectionately they will exchange you the good word in the like and vice versa u Learn self-reliance and take responsibility It earns you more appreciation and respect u Best friends choose, the good friend is better than you understand and help u All of the above you know but forget in the midst of preoccupation with the troubles of life, Always remember that and take advantage of the endless lessons of life. The management of personal appearance is a science and art that combines personal incarnation, body language, etiquette and voice communication skills. ” Limited U) The simplicity in the accessory (s) u The simplicity of wearing the hijab but not neglecting the appearance Any beauty combined with simplicity. If I look too exaggerated in terms of color, quality and accessory you send a message (I am very interested in myself, love the mirror, I can study but after Spend more time in front of the mirror u Clothing: The type of our clothes and colors indicate our position, our functions and our social level.

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