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The Role of Leadership in Change Management

The Role of Leadership in Change Management
Kwakib Al Fadjily
(The Role of Leadership in Change Management) Prepared by: The questions need to be answered: هل Do we need change? لماذا Why? هل Is change changeable? هل Are you ready for change? من Who is responsible for change Ò What is your role in change تعريف Definition of terms القيادة Leadership: “Influencing others in implementing other people’s decisions” “Role The person responsible for managing the institution when influencing subordinates (individuals and groups) and pushing them to achieve the goals of the institution by their joint efforts “” “A set of personal qualities that enable the individual to influence others to cooperate to achieve a goal they desire.” الإدارة Management: الإدارة Management is the art of control وهي The ability to design a plan And to implement RIP is at a given time Ò “set of principles, concepts, methods and ways of working and decision-making use by administrators in the analysis of the institutions in which they work problems, and choose the best solutions and access to specific and desirable results.” The importance of administrative leadership بدون Without administrative leadership: 11. The manager can not convert the desired goals into results. All productive elements become ineffective and ineffective. Planning, organization and control can have an impact on the achievement of the organization’s objectives وبال Leadership: يمكن The organization can be assisted in developing a future vision and then planning its progress and its long-term prosperity يمكن The institution can be assisted in dealing with external environment variables that directly or indirectly affect the institution’s goals . That the actions and behavior of the administrative leader are what motivate individuals and push them to achieve the objectives of the institution. Elements of Administrative Leadership: وجود A group of individuals working in a particular institution. A leader of the group is able to influence and guide their behavior. A common goal that the group seeks to achieve. 44. Ability to influence. أشكال Administrative leadership forms: القيادة Autocratic leadership:.. Loyal Leadership: 33. Collaborative Leadership: Democracy (Managing Director and Change Management) Ò Organizations need to make some changes in their organizational, procedural or technical work, and how to do it. The managing leader faces a task that is not easy to deal with. And to manage it correctly in order to achieve the desired goal without leaving negative effects on the institution or its employees as a result of this changeThe objectives of change: أA.To find more efficient and effective organizational conditions in the institution بB Solve some organizational or procedural problems ج C. Develop the level of services provided by the د Introduction of new technology or modern management methods to facilitate the performance of the organization ه E. Creating a high correlation between the status of the institution and the surrounding global or local environment و Addressing the workers’ situation and increasing their interest in improving the efficiency of their performance أبعاد Dimensions of change : أ The management leader decides whether the change should be rapid or slow, depending on the circumstances of the organization and the need for change ب b) The administrative leader assesses the need for a comprehensive change or partial change in the institution. The administrative leader shall determine the type of change he wants to make or deal with, whether it is a material change or a moral change. Where material change is a technical or regulatory change while moral change is the behavioral and psychological change of staff. The administrative leader must balance these changes so as not to overwhelm each other. The stages of the change process and its management: المرحلة The first stage: The diagnostic study: This study begins by reviewing the basic elements of the work in the institution to discover development opportunities. These factors are human, work systems and procedures, equipment and work facilities. In diagnosing the problem, the leader may need to take the workers’ opinion on the causes of the problem and the possible solutions to them. المرحلة Stage 2: Develop the Change and Development Plan: After discovering the change opportunities that result from the diagnostic study, In the light of the objectives and possibilities available المرحلة Stage 3: the preparation for acceptance of change: that the most important face of the administrative leader in making change, is the resistance to change, so the leader in the development of the change plan to ensure a plan to prepare the staff to accept change, For any resistance or rejection of this process and thus failure to achieve the goals of change. المرحلة Phase 4: Start the implementation of the change process: After creating the environment and the organizational climate to bring about change, the process of change is started immediately without delay and everyone should participate in the process of change directly or indirectly and by work or opinion to ensure the success of the change process. Fifth: Corrective Follow-up: The leader must follow the change to make sure that it is moving in its proper framework, and to know the level of progress towards achieving goals, and to adjust the deviations and errors before they escalate and then take corrective action to remedy them, and problems that may appear during follow-up Correcting the existence of some manifestations of resistance to change, and thus comes the role of the commander in dealing with that resistance, which requires it first to know the reasons that led to resistance to change, and then find appropriate solutions. Seventh: Development of Administrative Leadership: 11. Rehabilitation of administrative leaders: 22. Development and training of administrative leaders: Conflict, but we can use any of these patterns according to different situations مفهوم The concept of change management: إن The goal of change management in organizations is to

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