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The System of Courses

Faculty of Education starts its preparations to apply the courses system for the academic year (2019-2020)
     Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa has begun its preparations to apply the system of courses for the academic year (2019-2020) through a workshop at the faculty attended by the lecturers of the scientific departments. The workshop included a joint lecture by Dr Naseer al-Bekkaa and Dr Hiyam Hasan Kadhim, in which they discussed the basics and terminology of the course system in Iraqi universities. The two lecturers tackled the fundamentals of the courses system, its terms and the method of enrolling students in the open courses in each semester, the way of recording the absence of students, which comprises alert, warning and de-registration, cheating and postponement, as well as the registration of marks and grades. The workshop ascertained the need to invest the available energies of lecturers in different disciplines and exchange benefits to cover the subjects in each specialization in addition to preparing flexible weekly schedules to exploit available classrooms and libraries.

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