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Student’s Opinion Survey

Faculty of Education at Kufa University conducts students’ opinions questionnaire about the educational process and the teaching staff members
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Department of English at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa has conducted a survey of the students’ opinions on the educational process and their satisfaction with the teaching staff members. The survey aimed at improving the educational process, developing and upgrading it through the questionnaire parts that depended on the opinions of the students. The questionnaire included many subjects such as courses evaluation, the relationship between the lecturers and students in relation to the courses, the university services, especially those related to the availability of scientific resources corresponding to the courses electronically and on paper and the suitability of place reserved for theoretical lectures (classroom), as well as the handiness of laboratory equipment. The fourth subject was the management focus that handled topics such as encouraging the management of volunteer work, following-up activating educational guidance, the precise implementation of the study schedule, keenness to provide good student services, the facilitation of administrative procedures for students, fairness and equality in dealing with students, and others. As concerns the survey of student’s satisfaction with the teaching staff, it included 20 different questions, the most important of which is the use of modern and diverse teaching methods in explaining lessons, modern sources of information, different student-evaluating methods, keenness to distribute duties and discussions among students in a fair manner and others. Asst Prof. Dr Weam al-Bayati, head of the department, confirmed that the questionnaire included dozens of heterogeneous samples of students in terms of age, sex and stage.

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