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achieving success strategies for the students

Identifying and manufacturing objectives in achieving success strategies for the students of the first stage –
Department of Quran Sciences and Islamic Education – Faculty of Education University of Kufa
prepare d. Kwakib need to answer:
Do you know what the goal ???
Do you have a goal, or goals ???
How much goal achieved ???
Any goals not achieved???
Do you want to learn skills to help you achieve your goals ???
The goal is: what you want to reach, or what you want to achieve and accomplish. ??
The goal setting is similar to the map that you write: You are here, then determine the point you want to reach and then start walking and Your mind is this end. ?? Classification goals? First: goals or goals ?? It is a great moral scientific goals, for example: God’s satisfaction, parents’ satisfaction, zakat al-heart, self-control, happiness and tranquility, goodness of children, kinship, success in work, goals pursued by activities and procedures. Second: practical objectives ?? They are activities, business, or assignments, divided into two parts: ?? 1. Frequent recurring goals: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually (may be large or small) 2. Goals are divided into two parts: A – Large: far or medium term: such as memorizing the Holy Quran, reading a book (Volumes), learning to print touch. ?? B – small close-range: as the purchase of success gift to Muhammad, save Surat Yassin. Which is the main topic or body that has a set of practical objectives: ?? Worship, seeking knowledge, advocacy and education, parents, family, home, body, wombs, job, society. Each of the objectives of the operation continued until the continuation of the field of the above. ?? The greater goal: The greatest goal in this life is the satisfaction of Allah Almighty, be comprehensive of religion and the world and the Hereafter. 2 – to be integrated and not conflicting. 3 – to be written a blog can be seen with the eye and photographed with the heart. ?? 4- Be clear and understandable. ?? 5 – Be realistic and feasible within the limits of the possibility of it. ?? 6 – to link with specific operational dates or else become aspirations rather than goals. ?? 7 – ambition and positive do the ambition and ambition is required within the limits of actual capacity. ?? 8- To be firmly entrenched in the heart. ?? 9 – To be specific and can be measured in time and as the goals must be measurable, not words that do not have a reality. What are the concepts of planning ????? It is the use of reason to issue a set of rational decisions of a field. And the most efficient to reach the goals. ?? Planning is linked to the estimation of the financial accounts needed and is the starting point in reaching the desired goals. ?? Planning is linked to the follow-up and implementation and the preparation of a set of decisions related to a field. As a resource that must be invested. What are the steps to develop a successful plan ??? : Analysis of the current situation and your current location. ?? Scoring: setting goals to be achieved. ?? Organization: How to reach what you want. ?? Implementation: Implementation of the plan Evaluation: Evaluation of objectives and measuring the success of the plan How to plan your future brilliantly Know where to start and set your goals in life Select the situation you wish to be in the future. Measuring your chances of success and the time you will need to reach success Coordinate efforts, determine direction and clarify the way you will go to reach your goals Identify the social and economic barriers that may affect the work of the plan How to develop a successful study plan Set up a homework program, divide the time on the different materials, and devote time to each material First, you are at the top of your activity. “Be careful to study everyday and do not delay any task until the next day.” Choose a quiet place away from distractions. Write a plan for weekly review on leave. Write important notes on the cards and review them before bedtime. Put in the last course of the course an argument for motivation (such as: grandfather, grandfather, harvester, walker). Helping to implement and accomplish? First: Self-confidence: How to build your confidence? A question you answer three things, which are as follows: ?? 1 Know yourself! The first step in the process of building self-confidence is to know the person himself and contemplate it, and know its advantages and how to invest it, and nothing harmed the person of his contempt for himself, and negative consideration of it. ?? 2 Develop yourself! So that the person determines his strengths and seeks to develop them, and strive to learn, train and practice. ?? 3 Get rid of your flaws! By identifying weaknesses and deficiencies, and then seek to cure and repair. ?? Second: high altitude: ???? Third: grandfather: How to acquire the status of grandfather ??? In order to acquire the status of grandfather, the specific reasons must be given, but the most important reasons are: The first is to accompany the serious ones, as the owner is a drawer, and the printing is a surah, and the person is imbued with tradition, especially those who admire him or some of his qualities. Second: reading the biography of the great, it is one of the greatest ways to motivate people to Grandpa. ?? Third: comparing the results of the work of the serious and the work of others. Fourth: To stay away from the accompaniment of the Hazzlin. ?? Fourth: Patience: and be diligent on the grandfather .. ?? Fifth: Science: ???? There are no failures, but there are successes in failure.

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