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Your Way to Success A seminar

Under the slogan “Your readiness for the exam. ” Your Way to Success A seminar for the students entitled ” Phobia exam”
Prepared by Dr. Ithar Abdul Mohsen Al-Mayahi Dr. Kawakar Baqer Al-Fadaily
Wednesday 23/01/2019 (psychological,
mental and health preparation for examinations and instructions to overcome the phenomenon of fear of exams and how to apply reading • The concept of exam anxiety • The symptoms of exam anxiety (psychological symptoms, physical symptoms, behavioral symptoms) • Strategies for dealing with exam anxiety and disposal. The appropriate way good. • read time management and how to read that lead to better performance. • Tips variety. First: psychological symptoms: * tension, fear and a sense of unease and distress. Negative thoughts of failure and lack of success, and the speed of arousal and anger * Lack of concentration because of the negative thoughts accelerated, which affects the memory and there are those complaining of stagnation of the mind and stop thinking, causing excessive anxiety. * Loss of appetite to eat and sleep disorder. Second: Physical symptoms: Dryness of the throat, rapid breathing, increased sweating, fluttering of limbs and coldness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, which is most noticeable among students, frequent urination and sometimes diarrhea. III. Behavioral behavioral behaviors that reduce the level of anxiety such as not going to college or attending lectures and absent from the exam or •
Use Using the colored map, symbols, pictures, notes, geometric shapes, illustrations to make the right lobe of your brain take part in the process. Use the Mind Map, which is an octopus-like shape in which the title of the subject is written in the center of the page, The subject, such as its definition, importance, characteristics, its …
First: the psychological preparation of the examThe Chinese proverb: (the longest journey begins with a step) • Do not look in front of our feet, we look far and high until we draw the parameters of our future and take it at a steady pace. : • So that your intention to seek knowledge, may God be pleased with him, is that “every man has what he intended” and sought God before, during and after that effort to succeed and begged for his help and guidance to help him. • Knowledge of the material and its lessons means good knowledge of its effective review and concentration. This is what many students who are trapped in the trap do not do until the final days of the exam. They stand with mountains of lessons confused and confused, even if they do not reap the rewards of their review. in it A talk about the axis we devote review, what? What are their significance and dates? What are the factors of success and scientific methods to make? When the student received the questions paper exam to begin to read questions thoroughly and comprehensively all questions and this helps to clarify the easy questions of the difficult and the allocation of time each of them. Conclusion: can not yet this round in the subject only confirmation On the need to give the student the psychological aspect of great attention in preparing for the exam, and this does not deny the importance of mental absorption of materials and the ability to remember the contents and skill in answering the questions posed. There is no success and no superiority in the exam without engaging in the three dimensions: the psychological dimension and the mental dimension and the practical dimension of procedural .. • Thank God the Lord of the Worlds

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