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The ethics of the university student

The ethics of the university student (the duties of the university student)
The preparation of teaching Ethar Abdel-Mohsen
Specialization: Curriculum and methods of teaching general science Elegance is:
• When your mind is more polite than your form .. • And your feelings Azki of your perfume …. And your creation more attractive than your creation … • That is the elegance … • There is no value for beauty if there is no creation …. • In good character captures the hearts of all who deal with him from where we derive our ethics ??? • God praised the Prophet peace be upon him in good character (and you are on (Peace be upon him) that he said: ((but sent to complete the morals)) Creation in the poets: Do not count the science is useful and It is obvious that the nations and societies derive the ethics of any profession from its values ​​and its components. Thanks to God, we derive the ethics of our profession from our Islamic faith, which is prescribed in the Holy Quran and the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, our destiny and teacher in this regard: You have been in the Messenger of Allah as a good example of those who sought God and the other day and reminded God a lot) sweet word but the word good flower … filling the chest perfume and purity and the heart of light and splendor and as sun flooded the universe courtyard and dia and refresh the soul hope and Sanaa … Definition of Ethics The term “habits” is a term that defines the principles, values ​​and duties that an individual is committed to. Ethics of any profession n A set of behavioral standards to which the professional is committed. N Good qualities, good behavior patterns that must be available in the teacher and committed to the performance of his mission n Charter to be committed to individuals in the performance of their mission in the best way n Traditions and traditions that preserve the honor of the profession. n Principles and values ​​that ensure the advancement of the profession n The sources of ethics:
1. What religions and beliefs define in relation to labor relations.
2. The values, information and integrity of the individual formed over time.
3. Ethical and social charters that define commitments to professional practices such as honesty and integrity, Honesty, firmness, discipline The following are examples of some of the moral attitudes that confront us:
n – Some students delay taking the exam in their time for conditions beyond their control. The university is considered an ethical organization because it is concerned with the scientific and moral construction of the students. It is inconceivable that the university succeed in graduating cadres and conducting research while the behavior of its teachers and students is inconsistent with ethics. “There are key points that make college students more successful than normal,” says Allison Lake, an academic counseling expert at Kansas State University. “Successful students develop positive and intelligent behaviors, in conjunction with their studies, and there are specifications that they have , Have made great achievements.) Nn The most important qualities of a successful university are: The successful student is responsible, has an estimated college period and is very active, so you have to think, move, and chase all incoming and outgoing. What he wants from this long and arduous journey, it is not Without a goal that seeks to achieve it, and must link the ambitions of large and small in reality, do not live in a large imagination can not achieveN The foundations that must be adopted by the successful university is the permanent question does not miss any detail that may lead to ignorance of knowledge, and not ashamed of The question is whether it is the way to complete knowledge, the whole truth, and the path to success. A successful university student must summon up anything that would increase his attention in the classroom, such as sitting in the front rows, not engaging in any technological tool about the lesson, taking small notes And the headers of the pens that need to be recalled, how many The difficult tasks that a successful university student has to accomplish are the separation of emotions and study, so do not make your home conditions eg sharpen your mind and distract it. Sadness and anger are one of the biggest enemies of concentration, or You have to ignore some feelings or freeze them until you get the scientific benefit, for all of his time alone should not exceed it. To be successful you have to expel from your head the idea of ​​the ghost of the exam, Vtrah controls some of the first days Study, and this is a mistake, and it is right to prepare for the exam, follow the lessons, and periodic review at the end of each week, you will find yourself in front of an easy and entrenched in your mind, and here the exam becomes a review and recall of information is no more, and in the examination room, sit quietly Gather your information, The question you can not answer is to organize the ideas before you skip them on the paper so that you get the most concentration n The organization of time and good management This is probably the most important trait that a successful university should have, because it is a start to success. Is the building of success in the opinion of all successful? Educated collectors ?? There is no doubt that culture is the last and last bastion of any nation, people or individual in the world, and it is the fundamental pillar in the development of human abilities and directed towards progress. And building civilization, societies always seek to build the cultural identity of individuals

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