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Difficulties faced by the apprentices

Difficulties faced by the apprentices of the Department of Art Education and the mechanisms
Qabas Ibrahim Mohamed Ph.D.,
University of Kufa Assistant Professor Kufa University – Faculty of Education
– Department of Art Education
The importance of the workshop, which sheds light on the reality of the lessons of art education and diagnoses the most important difficulties experienced by the implementers in order to develop appropriate solutions to develop the material for the technical and educational process. Which impede or obstruct the achievement of a specific goal and requires the passage of more physical and mental efforts Technical education: a process of social education contribute positively to the composition of students according to their abilities and their artistic tendencies in line with their artistic expression capabilities towards the service of their community and their connection to their environment, They can interact with their surroundings and improve them in terms of aesthetic and artistic expression. Classification of difficulties according to the areas. Objectives: The lack of experience of some teachers in the way of deriving behavioral goals and formulating their ambiguity. The application of the application to the general objectives of the material of the lack of objectives so as not to achieve the required teaching of the article 5. Limiting objectives on the plastic side and neglecting other aspects of the field of teaching methods and methods 1. Current teaching methods do not develop student thinking in the arts 2. Lack of use of projectors and means concerned to teach the article 3. Traditional methods that do not develop students’ talents 4. Methods are not clear Steps in teaching Article 5. Loss of the element of suspense in the presentation of Drumsgal School administration neglect the allocation of a hall (a workshop) to teach students in addition to the laboratories devoted to the lessons of the scientific situation Art education in the last few hours of the table neglect the provision of raw materials for technical works such as colors, stationery, clay and other lack of interest of some schools departments art education material as not included in the examinations of the mandate assigned to the subject of art education management because of the lack of their classes students Field students believe that art education Article Secondary Students’ response to the requirements of the technical work is neglected. Students in the final stages of the study are neglected because they are not in the ministerial examinations. Students resort to asking for help from a member of the family in completing the technical works. (1) Lack of scientific basis in the assessment 2. Adoption of the technical education application on the traditional tests 3. The limitation of the test on the practical side (drawing) and the neglect of the theoretical side 4. Abstinence Art Education for Oral Tests.

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