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Tips and guidance on strategies

Tips and guidance on strategies for acquiring compassionate behavior
My teaching sister … my teaching brother …
My student brother … my student brother …
1 – Train yourself to calm and relax in the face of crises, and address the resolution of differences, especially those arising from obstacles posed by the social environment by peaceful means.
2 – Be aware of emotions and negative emotions that you sometimes get without expecting, and pay special attention to the cases of anxiety and depression and anger, and work to get rid of them or reduce them as much as they can, because it hinders good interaction with people.
3 – Stay away from stubbornness and perseverance because they deprive the person of learning, especially from people who are younger than you or different from you or less center or power.
4. Keep good feelings when dealing with others, understand their fears, motives and personal and social needs, and understand their feelings of jealousy and anger.
5. You have the ability to face external criticism, and to see criticism as an opportunity for the critic and critic to work together toward a meaningful goal to arrive at effective solutions to the problems that provoked criticism, not as adversity and conspiracy.
6. Observe personal prejudice and intolerance against some people who are socially or mentally different from you and go away, because intolerance is a kind of emotional inertia.
7 – Train yourself to empathy and support others and help them.
8 – The system and the arrangement in the use of tools and devices, and treated carefully with them, because it extends the life.
9. Care has been taken to deal with the educational environment property and to benefit from it, where harm is sought.
10 – Attach yourself and your family, taking advantage of your time and effort in the study, the environment for you.
Professor Abbas Nooh Suleiman Al-Moussawi
Prof in Educational Psychology
Supervision of the Deanship of the Faculty of Education / University of Kufa

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