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Al-Mayyahi’s Participation

Dr Ithar al-Mayyahi participates in the 7th International Scientific Conference about Humanities and Applied Science in the thought of Ahlulbayt (a.s.)
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dr Ithar al-Mayyahi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa, has participated in the 7th International Scientific Conference in the Islamic Republic of Iran entitled “Humanities and Applied Science in the thought of Ahlulbayt (a.s.)” with a broad participation of academics and researchers from various universities and scientific centres in Iran and Iraq. Al-Mayyahi presented a scientific research entitled “The Educational Impact of Worshipping and Educational Rights in the Thought of Imam al-Sajjad(a.s.): An Analytical Study”. Al-Mayyahi added that the paper deals with the rights of the worships: prayers, fasting, Hajj and zakat and their educational effect in the thinking of Imam al-Sajjad(a.s.) as well as the educational rights: the right of the teacher and the learner, the right of the father and the right of the mother. Al-Mayyahi was honoured the medal and shield of creativity and scientific and academic excellence. It is noteworthy that al-Mayyahi has a wide range of participations in international conferences and now she is a member in the Creators’ International Federation and in charge of Quality Position at the Faculty.

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