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Karbala’s Conference

Faculty of Education at Kufa University participates in the 2nd International Scientific Conference at the Faculty of Education for Pure  Science/ Karbala University
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has participated in the 2nd International Scientific Conference at the Faculty of Education for Pure Science/ Karbala University in a delegation included a number of lecturers in the Dept of Mathematics at the faculty. Mr Sami al-Thebhawi, the head of the delegation, said that the conference aims to open wide scientific horizons and highlight knowledge and scientific and educational innovations, promote scientific research and develop knowledge that serve the educational process and the society, as well as exchanging scientific experiences and familiarizing with areas of modern knowledge. Al-Thebhawi added that the member of the delegation, Dr Hiyam Hasan Kadhum, delivered a scientific paper entitled “Topological, Topographical and Vague Function as a Standard Problem”. The research aims to promote understanding of the seizures of epilepsy from the topological and algebraic side via finding many topological and algebraic characteristics of the components of the mathematical model of epileptic patients. In turn, the researcher confirmed that the results of the study will contribute to further justifications for epilepsy disorders and methods of its treatment. It should be noted that the conference witnessed a participation of more than 300 researchers from inside and outside Iraq, discussion of 140 scientific researches, and a display of 13 scientific posters.

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