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Narration and Language Conference

Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa participates in the 8th International Conference about narration and language held in Turkey
    Faculty of Education/ information section … Mr. Wiam Mejeed Hussain al-Khefaji, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education/University of Kufa, has participated in the 8th International Conference about narration and language which was held at the University of Cardens (KUT) in Turkey. Al-Khefaji mentioned that he has delivered a joint scientific research with Prof. Dr Abbas Hasan Jasim, the dean of the Faculty of Languages, about the composition of Iraqi novels by the international standards. The aim of the research is to analyze the Iraqi novels according to the world’s literary and linguistic theories. The research included a number of global theories that are interested in analyzing the structure of the parts of the story according to the international standards such as those of Labov, Letizki and Fleischman. Al-Khefaji added that the conference witnessed a wide participation of academics and researchers in the field of English language and literature from various world countries.

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