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Publishing in Refereed Journals

Faculty of Education holds a workshop about publishing in refereed journals
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dept of English at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa has held a workshop about publishing in refereed journals. The workshop included a lecture delivered by Dr Ahmed al-Janabi in which he talked about classifications adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, how to know the refereed journal and the mechanism of choosing journals that suit the research specialty. The workshop dealt with the most important standards of journals and search engines about journals categorized in accordance with Scopus and Clarefit database and journals classified within the database adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Also, the workshop discussed the most prominent scientific search engines which can help the researcher to select the journal that outfits his specialization. The lecturer ascertained the necessity to avoid publishing in those journals which are out of or in their way to be out of the database of Scopus.

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