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Benefits of Fasting

Faculty of Education holds a scientific symposium about the cognitive and psychological benefits of fasting
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section …  The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has held a scientific symposium on the cognitive and psychological benefits of fasting under the slogan, ‘From our religious heritage, we pray for the inspiration of knowledge.’. The symposium dealt with the cognitive, health and spiritual benefits of fasting and indicated the social and ethical effects of fasting, social solidarity and its relationship to fasting. The symposium tackled some of the behaviours associated with public fast-breaking. It included three lectures: the first lecture was by the Prof. Abbas Noah al-Musawi, the second was delivered by Dr Hussain Abdulkadhim from the Faculty of Medicine/ University of Kufa in which he outlined the health measures in fasting, and the third by Dr Asaed al- Maamouri in which he spoke about the moral effects of fasting. Also, the symposium discussed the negative effects on those who break fasting and the spiritual development of fasting, as well as the scientific conditions of fasting in religious terms and the social and moral values of fasting.

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