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Dogmatism and Study Conformity

Faculty of Education holds a symposium about dogmatism and its relationship to study conformity
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has held a symposium about dogmatism and its relationship to the study conformity of the students of the Dept of Art Education. The symposium included a lecture delivered by Dr Qebes al-Shimmeri in which she talked about the characteristics of the dogmatic person and the relationship between dogmatism and features such as intransigence, intolerance and obsession, as well as the concept of study conformity, its aspects and its relationship with dogmatism. The symposium dealt with the reality of the students of the Dept of Art Education, the diagnosis of the range of mental flexibility they have and the identification of their ability to prove and conform in their study in order to serve the artistic and educational process. The symposium recommended the need to avail a scientific, cultural and free atmosphere represented in open dialogues, paying attention to organizing activities, symposiums and workshops to increase the students’ awareness and making learning based on discussion, understanding, analysis and constructive criticism. It’s noteworthy that dogmatism is a closed cognitive system surrounded by a central collection of  beliefs and ideologies that lead to one of the closed thinking forms.

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