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Designing Study Material

The Faculty of Education at Kufa University holds a workshop about the design of study material in the courses system
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … In the presence of the teaching staff members of the departments of the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa, the faculty has organized a workshop about the design of study material in the courses system. The workshop aims at building the curriculum in accordance with courses system. It included a joint lecture delivered by both Lect. Abdulhussain Abdulmuhsin and Dr Hiyam Hasan, in which they dealt with the design of the study plan, the curriculum and the outcomes of the educational process, as well as a brief and detailed description of the course. They explained that the distribution of courses in the semesters of the year ensures the smooth flow of materials and establishes a logical scientific sequence for the student enabling him to pass courses efficiently and allowing him to choose certain overlapping subjects, provided they have precedence, to acquire the requisite intellectual skills and to promote his scientific tendencies and inclinations.

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