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Faculty of Education at Kufa University organizes a scientific symposium entitled “Teacher Preparation in France and Iraq”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Within the activities of the year 1440 AH, the year of the Commander of the Believers (a.s.), the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa has organized a scientific symposium entitled “Teacher Preparation in France and Iraq”, attended by a number of lecturers, researchers and students. The symposium aims to inform the participants about the preparation of a teacher globally and the common aspects in France and Iraq as concerns this issue and to familiarize them with the strengths of the teacher preparation in France. Also, it included a lecture by Prof. Dr Abdullah Sefeeh, the counsellor in the Ministry of Education in France, in which he spoke about the amount of expenditure on education in France, which amounts to 100 billion euros annually and the French education philosophy which focuses on the development of critical and creative thinking among students. In addition, he touched on the most salient problems of the French educational system, the most important of which is the problem of violence, drugs and school dropout. Sefeeh noted that the goal of universities in France is to produce knowledge not to transfer it, and that preparing teachers is based on the sequential system and not the integrative one which requires a student to complete a qualification year, and in order for him to be an educator, he is granted a diploma in education. He called for the need to apply the methods of cooperative education in primary and secondary education in Iraq.

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