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3rd Software Exhibition

Opening the 3rd Annual Software Exhibition of the Department
of Computer Science at the Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dr Muhsin al-Abadi, the scientific assistant of the rector of Kufa University, has opened the third annual software exhibition in the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Education, in the presence of the dean of the faculty, Dr Ali Khdhayir Hejji and his administrative assistant, Mr Sami al-Thebhawi and the scientific assistant,  Dr Niama al-Asadi, and a number of the faculty lecturers and students and other participating students from other faculties and schools in Najaf. The aim of the exhibition is to learn new skills and techniques, including technical writing skills and oral presentation skills in front of an audience, to promote the spirit of innovation and research among students and to exchange ideas and opinions between them, as well as to develop students’ knowledge and encourage them to innovate and compete. Dr Nidhal al-Abadi, chairman of the exhibition’s Scientific committee, said that the exhibition included practical projects that could contribute to the future community service, and called on the official authorities to familiarize themselves with the potentialities of the students and to provide the appropriate conditions for their development. Al-Abadi added that the faculty seeks to promote and intensify creativity, believing in the importance of scientific initiatives and innovative visions and ideas, and their active role in the development of society via deepening the spirit of competition and creativity among students, noting that for the third year the exhibition witnessed a wide participation from the faculties of Kufa University, private colleges and Talented Schools.

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