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Reciting the Holy Quran

Educational guiding symposium at the Faculty of Education dealing with the reasons for the reluctance of young people to recite the Holy Quran
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Within the programme of psychological counselling and educational guidance at the Faculty of Education/Kufa University, the Department of Quran Science and Islamic Education has organized an educational symposium to tackle the reasons for the reluctance of young people to recite the Holy Quran. It included a number of lectures delivered by Dr Dhergham, Dr Amel al-Husseini and Dr. Ithar al-Mayyahi who is in charge of psychological counselling and educational orientation. The symposium referred to the meaning of reluctance, its types: unwilling to memorize it and refraining from listening to it, as well as the reasons of reluctance. The symposium ascertained the need to reflect on the Holy Quran, encourage holding training courses for students that develop their abilities on the correct reading and reciting, and organize Quranic competitions for students at the university campus. Also, they confirmed the necessity to grant encouraging formal prizes,  make scientific posters of Quran verses and direct the families to establish Quranic discussions with their sons and daughters.

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