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Al-Zahraa 2nd Annual Festival

Student Pen Team at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University holds Al-Zahraa 2nd Annual Festival
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Under the supervision and attendance of the dean of the Faculty of Education at Kufa University, Prof. Dr Ali Khdhayir Hejji, the Student Pen Team (SPT) at the faculty and in collaboration with the Student Activities Department at Kufa University has held Al-Zahraa 2nd Annual Festival under the slogan ‘Al-Zahraa’s birth is the birth of a nation.’ The festival included an address of the dean indicating the famous Hadith of Al-Zahraa’s glorification after the prayer and the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt(a.s.)’s insistence on its great importance as it is a sign of Shi’ism. Al-Hejji praised the efforts of SPT and their prominent role in reviving the birth of Al-Zahraa (a.s.) and organizing religious competitions yearly. Also, the festival included a speech of SPT representative, Mr Ahmed al-Yasiri, Al-Kawther Song Performance by a group of chanters in the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali(a.s.) and a lecture by the researcher in psychology, sociology and history, Mr Jessam al-Siidi, in which he talked about human internal struggle and ways to create and sustain the motivation towards doing things. Al-Siidi showed also how to achieve peace and reconciliation among humans and how to avoid incidents resulting from inattention, explaining how students focus on studying and perform deeds easily.

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