About Faculty


Leadership in the field of educational development, and in the composition of the teacher, educational and cadres of educational and research specialist at the local and regional level to prepare professional educators at a high level of efficiency have theoretical knowledge and practical experience and skills due to the use of technology instruction modern, achieving the lead in the field of community service and counseling areas as a beta of the educational experience in a framework of values and principles of community thoroughbreds.


1. Development of internal quality system and get the reliability of official bodies to ensure the quality of education and academic accreditation.

2. prepare and develop educationally and scientifically student, and the events of a quantum leap in the specialized learning programs to suit the Iraqi and Arab labor market variables.

3. Carry out research and studies compliant with international standards in scientific research and improve the output of the overall quality and quantity to pursue graduate studies

4. The students develop the system to reflect modern trends in the calendar.

5. development of community services system through the implementation of educational programs and activities and to participate in solving the problems of society.

6. setting up joint cooperation relations with graduates and try to engage them in programs and activities of local and regional educational bodies.

7. provision of material and human resources necessary to achieve the overall message.


Mixed College of Education was established in 2009 and with the beginning of its establishment was opened three sections namely the English Department and the Department of Computing and the Department of Art soil and in the year 2011 was the opening of the Department of Science Koran and Islamic education has recently been included TOEFL center for the English Department and became a part of the college and College is seeking to develop new sections in the coming years